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 The Idea behind LAHLAY Clothing

Colorful patterns and so comfortable

We are  offering pants that make you feel like being on holiday. Our fisherman pants are made of unique and traditional patterns and fabrics. Easy to wear, comfy and yet absolutely gorgeous.

A rare and special peace in your wardrobe.

The idea behind LAHLAY Clothing

Living in Thailand we see thai fisherman pants all the time. Traditionally used by fishermen, they long have become popular by many more people. We started wearing and loving them!

The fabrics we use are originally found in Asian sarongs. A sarong is a long piece of cloth sometimes stitched to a tube and wrapped around the waist. The Fabrics is divided into two parts. The “body” is the main part of the cloth with a brighter pattern. The “head” is a small section in a darker color as a contrast.

Being a fashion designer and traveler we combined the pants and the Sarong and created the LAHLAY – Seaside Memory Pants.
You will find our pants nowhere else, and nobody will have your pant cause every pant is unique in color and pattern just like you.

We want to offer you loose fitting, comfortable pants that can be worn during indoor activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation, or outdoor activities, such as camping, traveling, or others that require movement and comfort.

Also useful during pregnancy, due to their adaptable waistline and soft yet durable material.

Pick your favorite Mood Color

Red Passion

For the Strong minded

Turquoise Ocean

Brings back Seaside Memories

Pink Sunset

Summer Vibes for all

Green Jungle

Earth Tone Greens

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